The Forestry Carbon Project Report is out

We have a new website dedicated to the Forestry Carbon Report just released by 3GreenTree Ecosystems Services. Click on the button below to learn how North Cowichan can make comparable revenue not logging as logging.

Forestry Carbon Project

The Public Engagement has begun!

We will post all key information here on our home page. Many public engagements will occur in July/August and most will be digital due to COVID 19. Upcoming events include an online survey and online public forums. (The video above highlights how UBC will be conducting the forest review and public engagement)

Where Do We Stand

The gathering place committed to advocating for public engagement and the greater good and health of our Six Mountain Community Forests.

The Six Mountains Community Forest

Tzouhalem, Prevost, Richards, Maple, Sicker, Stoney Hill. Learn more about the Community Forest.

Current Logging Practices

North Cowichan patch clear-cuts approx. 44 hectares (83 football fields) per year. In 2019, after a severe wind storm, the Municipality began a program to log the blowdown trees.

Carbon Sales Alternative

Can we generate as much revenue not logging as logging with a carbon sales program?

Changes enacted since the Forest Campaign started:

  • Municipal logging contracts are now publicly tendered
  • The Forest Advisory Committee has been expanded to include a more diverse group of stakeholders
  • Individual clearcut plans are now discussed and approved at Council Meetings
  • Clearcut plans are now available to the public
  • University of British Columbia (UBC), the Coastal Douglas Fir Partnership, and 3GreenTreeConsulting are assisting in developing a forest management plan
  • Lees & Associates are assisting in the development of the public engagement portion of the forest management strategy

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